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Fraud dept calls after using us bank card 4 x

Anyone ever use their card a few times and get a call from fraud dept asking to verify purchases.  I took my finch to the vet and the bill was 50.00, after that I put 15.00 in gas then I stopped at Wendy's 8.00. I arrived home and my son used 1.49 for some gaming thing or whatever online. All this was from 11:00 pm to 2:00 pm, then the phone rings it was US Bank wanting me to verify purchases and they will reactivate my card. The recording only asked about the gas and 1.49 so I verified the charges and the recording said  thank you we will now activate your card it will be available in 5 min. I was on empty and 50 minutes away from home so Im just happy I got my gas to get home before they shut my card down for a fake fraud alert. Next time I will get gas before I leave town.    Life goes on........... 

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Re: Fraud dept calls after using us bank card 4 x

Lol..   No kidding. 

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Re: Fraud dept calls after using us bank card 4 x

Bright side Automated system calling you means you don't get declined wondering what's up... Just hope you don't miss the call or if you do miss it you listen to vcmail to call back.  Most likly it was the internet charge that got the fraud alert going, a Charge in very small amounts online is a big trigger with a ton of banks because that's usually the tester for theives to check if a card still works is put a small charge through, the second they get approval on a small charge you can usually find 4-5 much larger purchases trying to go through in a matter of seconds.

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Re: Fraud dept calls after using us bank card 4 x

My GUESS, would be that most fraud charges (the ones I see in my bank) are online and gas stations. Maybe they have a trigger set to monitor for these types of activity. I think its better safe than sorry I guess, depends on how often they would be doing this. I could see it getting frustrated, but thats just my take on it :smileyhappy:

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Re: Fraud dept calls after using us bank card 4 x

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Anything online game related, expect fraud departments to potentially flag if it just suddenly shows up for the first time.  A non-trivial amount of stolen CC's get used for such things.


This is especially true with some companies verifying credit cards with a 0.00 charge for subscription services.  Double bonus with something one of the BOFA fraud analysts let slip once regarding the one time my credit card number was obtained and used fraudulently.


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Re: Fraud dept calls after using us bank card 4 x

It probably flagged it if you used it for gas and then bought something online an hour away

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