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Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

A quarterly 5% bonus category for grocery stores seems surprisingly hard to come by. If I remember correctly, Discover More used to have it, but some time ago reduced the offering to one month or two per year. Did Freedom ever have groceries as a quarterly category? I'm shocked not seeing it anywhere. Love the grocery percentages of BCE/BCP, but aside from brand-name merchandise and gift cards it's strictly cash back, not Membership Rewards points or any other form of redeeming for airline tickets?

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Re: Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

I don't believe I've ever heard Freedom or Discover having grocery as their 5% category. As for BCP/BCE - the "CASH" part in the card pretty much sums up their main reward. MR or other travel points are from their other cards.

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Re: Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

IT and Freedom, ime, never do 5% on groceries.
BCP has 6% on groceries, but also has a $75 AF, :-(
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Re: Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

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I shop @ Walmart n Costco a lot for groceries, especially Costco, which are not included in BCE/BCP for its rewards. So BCE/BCP are not for me. TrueEarnings is a much better option in my case. I also use USAA Amex a lot, which gives me 2 pts/dollar for gas n groceries. I love Freedom n it cards. Their customer services are awesome!

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Re: Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

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Sounds like you want the Sallie Mae World Mastercard. The only negative is that the monthly caps are kinda low. Of course, if your married, both you and your spouse could get the card, and make one of you an authorized user of the other's card, to increase your savings.


5% on Groceries capped @ $250/month

5% on Gas Stations capped @ $250/month

5% on Book Stores capped @ $750/month

1% everything else



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Re: Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

I like that sallie Mae Mastercard but that seems like a lot to worry about how much u are spending with those low cap limits.

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Re: Freedom, Discover, Blue Cash

Depending on where you shop, you might be able to get gift cards to that store, so assuming you spend more than $250 on groceries, every month buy a $250 gift card, use it till it runs out and then switch to your normal card(s).   Or to raise less questions, buy the card after your first purchase each month, so the amounts vary.

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