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Frequency of Walmart Credit limit increases?


Re: Frequency of Walmart Credit limit increases?

neither of us have asked for increases yet. He doesnt really need the boost--his scores are sky high with a long history. My scores are not yet excellent and I have low limits and short history so I need increases to boost my scores. I will ask after my statement clears if they dont automatically give me an increase.

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Re: Frequency of Walmart Credit limit increases?

1_2, I would def ask for a cli with the holidays approaching. I think they are a bit more generous this time of year. I got my WMD card last October with a $800 cl. I called mid to late November and asked for an increase (she actually asked me how much I wanted) to $8000 . She put me on hold for about 2 minutes and came back with an approval-no HP! So it's definitely worth asking. Smiley Tongue

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