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GE CLI? Amazon & PayPal


GE CLI? Amazon & PayPal

So after seeing all the love that GE is lavishing on Amazon, PayPal, and other users of their retail cards, I'm wondering if I should call them and request CLIs as well? Or is it too soon?


Back in December, I called their office and requested to increase Amazon from $3.2K to $4K, and PayPal from $4.9K to $5K. In retrospect, those are very small increases, but I was too scared to ask for more. Plus, I had just recently received an auto-CLI on PayPal, from $3.9K to $4.9K, so I was worried that that would void my "eligibility" for another, self-initiated CLI, so I phrased my PayPal CLI request more as a "tweak" than an actual CLI (i.e., a very minor bump just to round the $4.9K to $5K).


I would especially like to get Amazon to the $5K marker at least, but I'm currently carrying a balance on that card (I get 0% promotional interest on my purchases, so I figure why not take advantage). The PayPal account has a balance of $0.


Thoughts? If you guys suggest that I do request CLIs, how much should I ask for? Obviously the higher the better, but I don't want to come off as too greedy, especially after just 3 months.


Any suggestions on which backdoor number to use? The sticky has 2:


GE Moneybank (except WalMart):  866-419-4096

GE Moneybank: 866-519-6441 (Credit Analyst/Credit Solutions)

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Re: GE CLI? Amazon & PayPal

I haven't called the underwriter for them yet, I tend to let them grow on there own only hitting the luv button for CLI's and they have been good to me even if they deny my request at the time I get an auto CLI shortly afterwards.  If you are just doing it to see a large number in the CL I would wait. In a few more months they will grow all by themselves no need to call an underwriter, and if you suggest the increase they may take it back if you don't make purchases on the card.


If you bug them too much there are rumors on other credit boards about getting an account review where they asked for bank records and  paycheck statements.  Probably are very rare but can happen.



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Re: GE CLI? Amazon & PayPal

I have been testing the waters with GE and when I called more than a couple of times to ask for CLI in diferent GE backed accounts, beside the regular security questions, they pull additional ones, like what was my last payment, and when, and CC exp dates...



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