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4/21/13:  Got declined at a vending machine to buy a $1.50 soda.  Had $2000 of credit limit available to purchase.

4/22/13:  Spent 1 hour and 32 minutes on telephone trying to speak to a credit card representative at GE/Paypal Extras MasterCard regarding issue.

4/22/13:  1:45pm - Called "customer service" number on the back of my card, got stuck in endless IVR loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

4/22/13:  1:55pm - Called "customer service" number on Paypal site along with an assigned 6-digit randomly generated code issued on website to use for better/faster routing of my call.  Once again got stuck in endless loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

4/22/13:  2:05pm - Called PayPal’s main number after a third venture through an automated system, finally was able to get to a live person.  They looked up my account and said "they could only help me with my PayPal account, not my PayPal MasterCard.  They nicely (or a I thought) transferred me to the "correct department".

4/22/13:  2:15pm -  Transferred to 2nd person.  Not sure whom I got transferred to but they immediately said I was in the wrong place and transferred me to the "correct department" (or so I thought".

4/22/13:  2:20pm - Transferred to 3rd person ("Gail").  
    -Gail looked up my credit card number twice only to tell me, guess what, I'm in the wrong department.  I am now in the "Prepaid MasterCard" department for Paypal.
    -She further tells me that "she cannot help me", that I should "hang up, call back and start from the beginning" as I called the wrong number.
    -I informed her that I didn't call the "wrong number" but was in fact transferred by another Paypal employee, she restated that "she cannot help me, that I should hang up and call back"????
    -After a multitude of going back and forth, I of course asked for a supervisor only to be told that "there isn't a supervisor".  I said okay a manager then, she said "there is no manager"???
    -I then tried another approach and asked "who do you report to", she replied "nobody".  I challenged that and her final response was "I report to the company".  I repeated that back to her to be clear I heard correctly and said "you don't have a supervisor or a manager and only report to the company?".  She said that is correct and reminded me that "she cannot help me".  
    -I then asked to be transferred to any person in a management position and she replied "they cannot help you"???  Astounded I said okay let me hear them tell me that.  (of course they wouldn't tell me that right?...let's see).

4/22/13:  2:47pm - Transferred to 4th person (Casey - Modcut
    -A female who when asked identified herself as a manager.
    -At this point to be safe I asked her for her name and ID number before proceeding to have to explain my customer service issue and the path I went to get to her.
    -I also requested the ID number of the previous employee (Gail) whom was terribly rude, short and inconsiderate.  She tells me "I doesn't know, you should have asked her that before she transferred you to me"...HUH?
    -I asked aren't you her supervisor or manager?  She said "no"
    -I asked are you a member of management?  She said "yes, I am a Manager"
        -I'm thinking great, I'm going to be helped finally, I've reached someone in management and they'll make sure I'm taking care of.
    -Wrong.  Casey now begins to tell me that she "cannot help me".  Also said that I should hang up and call another number to try again"?  Huh?  This is a manager?
    -I ask if she can directly transfer me to the "correct person"...reply is "No"
    -I ask if she can directly help me...reply is "No"
    -I ask if she thinks it's okay to treat a customer like this, especially after what the customer has clearly been through with 3 other agents?  She said "well you're calling the wrong department"....seriously didn't she listen to any of my story about how I got to her?
    -Now for the height of the call...The "MANAGER" - Casey - Employee ID#Modcut apparently decided she had enough of me (the customer asking for help) and just hung up on me, disconnected the call.  

Wow!  After the long career in customer service if I were monitoring these calls on the phone system for quality assurance or training purposes this call would serve me several purposes:
    1.  The ability to protect my customers from poor customer service from some obviously uncaring customer service employee and manager.
    2.  The need to walk down the hall to Human Resources to initiate an immediate termination of these employees and removal from the call center floor.
    3.  A great training for new employees and retraining of existing employees on how never to ever handle a customer.

Still unsure as to how to resolve my credit card issue.  After I take some blood pressure medication, go for a long walk and ask God for forgiveness for my thoughts I might try back in a week or two.

Until then, what was my "Primary Card" is now removed from my wallet and placed in a desk drawer at home for some future consideration.

The card was a fine card, the associated customer service or lack thereof if ever needed is the determining factor for the discontinued use of this card, inability to recommend GE or Paypal and need to find assistance in resolving my issues.


Please do not post personally identifiable information regarding a company representative.



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I think I need to pop into the garden for an adult beverage before wrapping my mind around this.


I am sorry this happened to you.  I can tell that you are very upset, and I don't blame you a bit.  Ugh.


WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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Yeah, wow.  What a session.  Hopefully you were able to buy a Snickers beforehand.

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I would cut.paste.send to GE CEO.
So ridiculous.
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I have read this post 3x and I can feel the OP's pain. I have had to call PayPal 3x to ask questions on my cc and I have heard that endless loop. I'd rather gnaw my arm off then call them directly.

Last time I called the Credit Solutions number and they transferred me to a supervisor. Just a thought.
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VirtualCuriosity wrote:

Yeah, wow.  What a session.  Hopefully you were able to buy a Snickers beforehand.

No kidding!  I guess I've never had any major issues with this card.  I rarely have to contact them, and the only time I did about a year ago, it was all resolved in about 5-10 mins so this is very puzzling.

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or 800-243-8766


Try to skip CSR and go right to credit analyst.  also, OI think they may have changed the automated system so it might hang up now but try to be sure just hit 0 and i mean like 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,,0 and you will keep hearing in between your pounds of 0 it saying it is wrong, it needs info, etc. etc. but eventually it will transfer.... but like i said, Can't remember if it's GE or another bank that changed the system to say sorry, good bye if you kept hitting zero.

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Hey Dude,

I had this same issue.. there is nothing wrong with the card.


Just update your current address in paypal. Make sure you have it verfied and some people face this issue when post office don't deliver their mails and have those mails return them to paypal/mastercard.


Hope my two cents will help you


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