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GE and Mint... REALLY???

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Some creditors block Mint on purpose because Mint advertises & promotes their competitors (in return for a fee, of course).


This is especially common with sub-prime tier creditors who have high interest rates, because every time you log in, Mint will be recommending a competing card with a lower rate.


Consequently, I use to track my bills and current balances. They seem to have the largest portfolio of data partners, probably because they do not do the promotional marketing that Mint does.  Not only can they track all your credit cards and bank accounts, they also track recurring subscriptions (e.g. Netflix) and reward program balances (FF miles, BestBuy RewardZone, Membership Rewards, etc.)


And they're the only site/app I've found that could track both CreditOne and GE. Although now that I kicked CreditOne to the curb that is one less thing to worry about.


Anyway, Manilla. Good stuff. Give it a try!

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Mint also doesn't track two of my other rebuilder cards. I don't really care about that though since I don't use them much.

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Seems like GE is not letting any of those kind of apps access their accounts. Kinda low blow really. Smiley Mad

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

I prefer PageOnce. I have no clue what i would do with out that iPad app. Best thing ever. I have no GE accounts but everything else i got sync's up just fine with it. Even my car& renters ins. best buy reward points etc...

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Jutz wrote:

Wow, poor showing GE.  My CU with the world's worst online system even works.

We must have the same credit union, Jutz.

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

This has been ongoing for about 2 years. I've given up on them updating it. GE keeps blaming Mint and Mint blames GE. The Mint forums have posts going back to when the initial problem started and there's been no progress. I gave up and stopped using it, but I might look into some of these suggestions, I have about 4 or 5 GE cards so it would be helpful to be able to track them again.
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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Haha, did yours recently "upgrade" their system that is somehow even worse than before as well? 

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Call me old fashion but I use office excel. Lol.

As of 2017, rebuilding...
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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Forgive my lack of quoting...iPhone.
Jutz, we may have the same CU, haha. Ours just "upgraded", too..right back into the stone age.

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Re: GE and Mint... REALLY???

Agreed on this. GE seems to have made a decision not to allow any sort of third party app access (no, no Quicken, etc.)

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