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GEMB goes relatively slow with WalMart CLI's for some reason. In a span of a few years, I've gone from an opening $500 CL to my current $1075, have never been offered the upgrade to a WalMart Discover. But was just approved (in an unrelated move) for a Discover More ($2500 opening CL). In GEMB comparison, I started with $800 on my Amazon Store Card and two years later am now at $2700. Granted some of my purchases on that card include a Macbook Pro and a Samsung plasma big screen TV. My PayPal SmartConnect started around $750, am now currently at $1700, I even have a QVC account that I've made all of two purchases on in a few years, started at around $800 and am currently at $2100.

myFICO Starting Scores: TU 643 03.10.09 EX 676 01.09.09 EQ 638 05.24.09
Current Score: (WalMart FICO) TU 792 04.03.13 (Mortgage Lender - HP) EX 745 02.06.13 (Mortgage Lender - HP) EQ 771 02.06.13
Goal Score: 800+

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