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Garden Club - April 2017

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

I'm only here for one month Smiley Happy I'll be applying for a Capital One Venture in mid-May, and hoping for a $10k+ SL. Eventual goal is to PC it to a Quicksilver to get a Visa version, then combine my older QS into it. 


Scores should all be over 700 by the time I app, so fingers crossed for a big SL! 

Starting scores: 552 EQ, 570 TU, 558 EX Current scores (12/29/17): 742 EQ 735 TU 752 EX
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

I figured I'd go ahead and start my gardening journey this month.


I went on a slight app spree throughout the month of March and got all the cards that currently appeal to me. AAoA before all the new accounts in March was something along the lines of 6yrs. Curious to see the score hit from the abundance of new accounts. Scores before time of app were all in the 755-770 range. 


I don't really have a set date for gardening, just kind of going with the flow. The current plan is to just wait it out until mortgage time a couple years down the road, assuming nothing extremely eye-catching pops up on the market.


Last app date was 3-30-17, I believe the hard hits officially showed up on 3-31. I'll go with 4-1 as my "official" start date, for the sake of simplicity.

Daily Driver: AmEx EDP

In wallet: AmEx EDP, CapOne QS, Citi DC, Discover IT, Chase Freedom

Local CU (10,000) 11/15 | Discover (6,300) 03/16 | Capital One QS VS (12,000) 06/16 | AmEx BCP (1,300) 02/17 | Marvel MC (12,000) 03/17 | Citi DC (5,000) 03/17 | USBank Cash+ (5,400) 03/17 | Blispay (7,500) 03/17 | Chase Freedom (6,400) 03/17 | Bank of the West Cash Back MasterCard (4,000) 10/17 | AmEx EDP (25,000) 12/17
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

SteelCity66 wrote:

After leaving the garden in March, it's been about a month that I've been back in again. I just checked my FICO 8 scores and they seem unfazed by my recent Sheetz gas card which gives me 5 cents off a gallon at our local Sheetz stations. I was excited to see the highest scores I've ever had since I started tracking the scores in 2015. 


Happy gardening everyone!


CreditCheckTotal - Report.jpg

Way to go!  Keep up the good work.  Great scores.

January 2018 Scores - EQ 797 | TU 800 | EX 798 | ~~Started Gardening Again on March 21, 2017
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Funny thing isn't it.


We strive when were in the 600's FICO range to make the accomplishment to 700. That's a huge goal and a relief when swimming in the 600's for a long time, been there. Plenty of good card accounts for long term thank goodness can be had even in the 600's.


Then when you begin to swim the 700's you do all that you can to try and stay there. It's a long climb sometimes but this gardening proves how very useful it is to just lay back and let the cards acquired move from month to month reaching 6 month then a 1 year and so on and so forth or whatever works best for your particular situation.


Once you get to 800's you got this FICO Scoring thing licked pretty good.


That's a long way off for this member and many of us yet but to keep gardening and gardening and trying to lay off apps longer then ever before really does make a difference.


Garden Long And Strong Fellow Gardeners Smiley Happy



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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

I'm still here!

No plans still for any new credit, though I am tempted to get a Lowe's card now to do some home improvements before we sell this house.

My only set in stone plan is to buy our second home within 6 months. The date keeps changing due to hubby's work, but VERY soon I will be house hunting or designing with a builder.

For now I am stalking real estate websites and gardening Smiley Happy

Happy April to all of you

Last App 10/14. FICO's: AMEX Ex 846, BarclayTU08 815.FAKOs:CreditKarma 775,CS score 771.BofA 5400,Target $5000,Barnes $8500,Amex $22k
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Second month in the garden! Still looking for sp increases though. But no new credit since March 8.
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Great month March was. Swapped for the gold Disco card, and now added the gold spade for April. And finally passed 720 with Equisux. Just need a few points with TU to have all 720's. And started in the mid 500's after BK 11/15. Feels great!

BK 08/15 FICO 8 03/18 EX-743 EQ-737 TU-732
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Today marks one month in the garden! Had to put an unexpected expense on a card so I'm focusing on growing my TLs, getting my util back down and getting rid of these baddies bringing my score down.

11/2016 - Starting Scores -- EQ 503 EX 501 TU 508 --- Current Scores - FICO 8 -- EQ 591 EX 612 TU 606

In the garden until 4/2018
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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Happy April everyone! Lovely spring showers here on the east coast...or you know downpours. Maybe so not so lovely. April started off with forward facing my 2.5 year old son (totally nothing to do with credit i know!). Cue mom guilt. I'm still planning to stay in the garden until March 2018ish. Good luck to my fellow gardeners!

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Re: Garden Club - April 2017

Lol, Firemedic1. " EQUISUX" true datSmiley Wink
To obtain Credit One Kenobi status upon 0/24 is to Garden Harden!!
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