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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

I am new to the garden. I have applied in spurts. My goal is to stay in garden through the end of 2012.  I may move goal to one year but want to take baby steps. I need small victories.  

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

Sladyesq wrote:

... I need small victories.  

...boy, do I understand THAT!


Here I sit, in my convoluted garden, waiting for Spring which seems an awfully long time away...


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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

My last two apps were in May. I've been good and been in the garden since and haven't had any desires. RIght now I want to app for Citi AA card but theres a chance I may be going for a mortgage before January 1 so I need to be good and not app. Just have to wait an hour or two and it should pass. Need to be good since I have something to wait for.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

Still in the garden. 9 days until I get my bronze spade.

Last app was july 30, applied for mortgage refi

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

I've got six days till my bronze spade which also happens to be the day I start my new semester in college.

In the garden since 7/27/12 after getting two credit rebuilding cards.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

Smerri, I wanted the CITI AA card for so long - AA was the airline to fly when my son was in Texas.  Unfortunately once I got the card and did my little happy dance, I didn't run enough $$ through it right away to get the sign-up bonus miles, then my son got transferred to PA, making AA the most expensive airline to get from here to there...    Now I'm gardening and planning which miles card to try next.  

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

Well I've reached the one month mark in the garden!! I want to add my bronze spade but can't figure out who. Can any one help?


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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

Radio_Radiation wrote:

Well I've reached the one month mark in the garden!! I want to add my bronze spade but can't figure out who. Can any one help?


You copy the bronze spade html listed on page 1 of this thread.  Then you go to "My Settings" and find your signature block.  Paste the html line you copied in front of any other text or html that you currently have in there.  Save.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

No spade for me yet I am on day 5!!


I am excited with my recent zync app and can't wait to get the card! My plans are for the next 6 months, get usage on the amex card to remove the 500 cap. In the same time period to raise my walmart and Amazon GE accounts by 800 so I can happily close my credit one. With no hard apps in this 6 months... February 16th is the day I plan to apply for a chase card a Slate or Freedom I can't make up my mind yet. What I have decided is at that date to have my credit one closed and my cap ones paid off as they will be out of the 0% window.  Over the next 6 months I am hoping for a 50-60 point jump, I think I can do it by paying off my open collection (200 for a PFD) 6 months of on time payments and lowering my utly... I JUST NEED to stay focused ... Now with amex I don't think that will be a problem ...I don't want to do anything to wake up the Ban hammer.


I was thinking about posting once a week in this topic but I had the idea for a blog.. I wonder if their is a credit recovery blog out in the WWW


anyhow THANK you to all the members of myfico for the help, I can't wait to start giving back. 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - August 2012

Whee, back in the garden after successfully re-financing my auto loan, and USAA's getting cold feet on their credit card pre-approval (disappeared from site today).


So back to the old plan of waiting till mid-December for my wishful thinking Amex application, and then it's straight onto mortgage qualification starting six months after that if all goes well.




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