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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

I'm here!!!


3 Weeks app free!!!:smileyhappy:


Locked down in here for sure until July. Then trying for Discover again!


Then i'm back in for 6 more months!


And then Reviisit AMEX....

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

I'm gardening until my only 2 EX apps fall off in May.


I'd really like to open a Citi 21 months 0% card for my honeymoon, and I'd also really like a sapphire preferred. However I've recently started thinking about buying a home. I'm not really sure where to go from here.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

Have no intention of applying for anything anytime soon, just watching things grown.  


AMEX BCE $6,000 (still another month or so from next CLI)

USAA Visa $8,000

Also have my Chase Amazon just chilling there, 2 years at $1,000...



I've debated going for the Walmart card just to get the free FICO, but my TU has NO INQ on it and therefor it really doesn't matter for me :smileytongue:

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

I'm in gardening mode starting today:smileyhappy:.  Got all I want in terms of credit.  Just gonna try for soft CLI's from here on for the next 2 years and see if I can get in the 800 club.  I want all my inquiries to fall off before I even app for anything else.  When I do decide to app I'm gonna stick with Amex cause of their backdating to 2000 for me.  Don't wanna lose my AAoA:smileywink:

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

[ Edited ]
Im officially back in the garden! I only want 1 more card, USAA, then my wallet will look absolutely the way I want it. I have 3 EQ inq, 2 of which will fall off in 8/2011. I plan to get the USAA in 9/2011. So from now until then, NO apps! I will nourish my cards, and they may be fertilized with CLI, but only if it's a soft pull. I will keep checking in just to stay on track...

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

Hello Gardeners,

  I'm fairly new to gardening and I'm looking for some fertilizing advice..

Im my garden so far..


1-Discover More -1700 (New just from few days ago)

2-Cap 1 Platinum - 1300 (Almost 3 years, don't want to grow much.. That's why the new additions)

3-HSBC - 1000 (New just from few days ago)


By the end of 2012 ALL my INQ will fall off , except the two new above,  My score took 2 points ding at least on EQ by those two INQ's, I guess I could live with that. But I need to be aware of the limits, It took me long time to get here post BK7.


Question: Can someone elaborate on the "Soft Pulls" is there a way that I can control those? I know the CC will automatically review your account for that every so often, is there a way I could initiate a CLI and be a Soft Pull? Not planning to do so now, since there are just planted, but for future reference.


Question: How many INQ I or someone could do, without  hurting your scores too much and without looking riskier? 



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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

Still in the garden! I went a little crazy with the shopping over Christmas and last month, so I'm reigning it in and paying down my balances. I should be all set by April, and in May I can app for Citi Forward and AmEx BCP. 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

Trying to purchase house end of year so keeping myself app free till 2013. Letting AAoA build and inquiries fall off. Maybe closing some small limit rebuilder cards before AF hits.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

Still down on my knees gardening away and praying for a good FICO score to be generated. 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - February 2012

I think I have decided I am going to really work my Discover card hard this year to see where that might get me. I have some great limits on other cards, but Discover just does not seem to like me. So, I'll take it back out of the SD and use it where I can to see if I can get it to grow. Right now, the CL is $1500 and most of the other cards range from $5 to $25k.


One year and if no luv, I will close it out.  :smileymad:


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