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Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

I'm a bronze, yay!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Nice evil....I'll be with you in 8 days.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

In addition to being delicious, mini-quiches are pretty good at absorbing the scotch I've been drinking lately... double bonus, thanks as always Tinu.


Since I managed to PC to a BOFA Travel Rewards I wound up skipping on the SDFCU secured card and am just holding pat financially until sometime in October when the ugly elephant will be out of my garden and off my report.  


At that point will try an initial mortgage app to see where I stand and if I can pull together the resources for a starter condo.


hit 660 on the Beacon 5.0 score the other day, am hoping now to hit 680 before I go house shopping.  Funny thing that's with all the new accounts minus the BCP reporting finally, guess there's some benefit to not having had an AAoA calculation above 2 years in the first place and the app spree being inconsequential.


Gardening, please be good to me again this year as you were last year! Smiley Happy


PS.  Finally spaded again!


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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Just joined the garden last month after my app spree. March  is my 3rd month now but since I do not like the spade symbols I will keept the seeding one...It just looks nicer but my goal is clear - no apps until 2014. The only thing that would most probably let me forget about my goal... a CSP pre-approval Smiley Wink


Edit: Decided to go with the "official" symbols and changed to the bronze spade even though I do not like the design. But the diamond looks cool..Heart

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Hi everyone!


Left the garden (after a year) to get myself a Walmart card in Feb. No plans to apply for additional credit anytime soon so I will put back on my gardening gloves!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

I'm "new" to the garden here, but I've been gardening all along since 10/2011. I plan to stay until June, possibly September, when I try for Chase Freedom and Discover It. I'll also likely be getting a new car loan. After that, I'll be back in the garden for another good long while.

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Happy gardening to all!


I'm still here and it will be some time before my next spade. This month I reduced utilization across all cards from 77% to 45%. Still high but it should be around 10% by the end of March. Have 2 cards I would like to add to the portfolio in the coming months, so once my low util reports I'll step out of the garden.


Carry on!

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

still here.  hoping I can stay in for a while, but it appears i seriously underestimated how much a new back yard would be.... hopefully i wont have to apply for a small loan for the rest of the cost.


Back in the garden!
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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Well congrats to everyone joining/ staying in the garden. 


i am officially 6 months of no inquries, and  getting my silver spade on the 5th, unlike last time though im in it for at least a platinum spade! (9 more months to go) and all my inquries will be over a year and a half. 


discover has been sending pre approvals for the it, but im holding out for another amex, and a cli on my freedom. 


happy gardening too all, and good luck this month. 

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Re: Garden Club Meeting - March 2013

Okay, I lied.  I have a Capital One secured 49/200 now too.  I got a 7-10 day message and assumed I had been denied.  So now I'm in the garden with 3 TLs to grow.  Now somebody pass the vodka please.  I've changed my mind and am staying in the garden until at least November.

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