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Gardening Question

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Re: Gardening Question

Ok, the TL finally hit my score.


Here's the progression:


started at 806, the HP didn't change the score.

My score went up to 811 when my Walmart Discover CLI hit report.

Now that the DCU Platinum Visa TL is reporting, my score dropped to 797.


No too bad of a hit, and it should creep back up over the next 6 months.

bobebob wrote:

Well, so far only the HP has hit Score Watch.


My score remains unchanged at 806.  Surprised me, I figured it would take a hit.


I'll update thread again when the trade line shows up for the new account.


bobebob || Nov: My FICO SW EQ(Upgraded Version) = 822 ||Sept: Walmart TU Fico=838Goal = FICO's>800 || In my wallet: CostcoAmEx(20k), DCU Visa Platinum (10k), BoA Visa Signature (17.1k), Walmart Discover (7.5k), AmEx Corporate (5k). All PIF every month.
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