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Goal Cards

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Re: Goal Cards

AMEX BCP, and CSP, then I'll b done apping for yrs

Current Cards: NFCU Signature Cash Reward $12.5k 1.5% || NFCU OLOC $3k || AMEX True Earnings $1.2k 3% Gas 2% Dining & Travel || Walmart $1k || Barclay Apple $1.7k
Goal Cards: AMEX Blue Cash Preferred 6% Grocery 3% Gas & Dept. Stores || Chase Sapphire Preferred 2x Travel & Dining || Chase Freedom 5% category per quarter || Discover IT 5% category per quarter || PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards 5% Gas
Starting Score: 589 (2013Dec) Current Score: TU 751(Walmart FICO 201404) || EQ 726(NFCU 201405)|| EXP 652(AMEX 201403)
Goal Score: 700+ ALL Around
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Re: Goal Cards

My goal cards tend be the ones I was previously denied for. Makes me want me to pursue them even more. Two in particular are...

CSP- To compliment the Freedom card

Barclaycard Hawaiin Airlines MC- For the sign-up bonus

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Re: Goal Cards

I have just about all the cards I want, my wallet has no complaints!  But if anything,  the cards I would consider applying after joining the elite 750 score club:


- Whichever cards w/ awesome singup bonuses!!

-Also, I wanna be the very 1st First Premier $100k card holder w/ 0% APR & Concierge Service & Free Airport Lounge Access & 100miles per every $1 spend which can be redeemed for any airlines ticket purchase & Free 5 Star Hotel 5nights stay every year & lastly...Free $5 Starbucks Coupon lol



JPM Ritz Carlton $8k I UMP Club $8k I CSP $8k | Chase Hyatt $5k I AMEX Green NPSL I AMEX Delta $2k I Citi AA $2k | C1 QS $4.5k
BOA UNC-CH Alumni $6k I Hawaiian WEMC $3k I Arrival $6.5k I IT $1.5k | Merrill+ $2k | Lowes $12k | Apple $2k | +23more
Scores: EQ:671 (FICO 11) EX:686 (FICO N/C) TU:686 (FICO N/C) *8-5-14*
Overall UTIL: 14% *Gardening Since: 1/20/16*
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Re: Goal Cards

To be perfectly fair, I think I pretty much have all the cards I'd want in terms of cash back rewards.  If I had to choose any, it would be the Discover IT card; I've never been with their network before.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday $25000
Barclays Sallie Mae World MasterCard $25000
Capital One Quicksilver World MasterCard $25000
Chase Freedom Visa Signature $25000
Discover IT $27000
US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature $25000
BofA Travel Rewards $18000

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Re: Goal Cards

I probably have everything I need right now, but eventually I'd like to PC my NFCU cashRewards to the Platinum since I don't use it for anything at the moment, and then pick up a Chase Freedom and an AmEx BCP. Other than that, the cards that I want are strictly for sign up bonuses (Hyatt, United, etc.).

Starting Scores: myFICO EQ: 678, myFICO TU: 676, myFICO EX: 678 (01/2013)
Latest Scores: myFICO EQ: 789, myFICO TU: 782, myFICO EX: 788
My Wallet: American Express BCE, NFCU cashRewards, Capital One Quicksilver, Discover It, Chase Freedom, Chase Amazon Rewards
Gardening since 02/07/17
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Re: Goal Cards

Waiting for my year mark to pc to blue cash preferred. 


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Re: Goal Cards

This is tough because I need to avoid overlapping the fiancée's collection.


 We  go to the grocery store nearly everyday, and I'm sure we'd spend pretty darn close to the BCP and it's just the two of us. If we fly, we'll fly Delta. Charge card just because. Discover it for the no FTF and TU FICO. Lowe's and Ace because I'm buying a house by the end of the month and I'll be doing remodelling/repairing of the place, and Ace is in town while Lowe's is 30 minutes away. Wings Financial because they're my CU and it'd be easy to manage them.


I can probably get the Lowe's card and the Wings Visa Platinum this year. The rest of them I'll probably have to wait a long while.

Equifax630 (LP)755 (CK)/749 (Quizzle)
Experian640 (FCR)FICO 707 (Amex)
TransUnion588 (CK)FICO 754 (Barclaycard)
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Re: Goal Cards

I've been obsessing over this.  ATM, I have all Visas save my First Premier that's going bye bye next month.  Discover It is on the short list, and I want an AM EX, and a new Mastercard, but not sure which yet. 


Definitely exploring good Travel Rewards cards right now.  I've had a wanderlust for the last couple of years that I haven't been able to sate just yet. 

In the garden until debt is paid off and scores are up!
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Re: Goal Cards



Barclays Arrival 

Citi Diamond 




Amex PRG, Amex Green 


$26500 Amex EDP / $20000 Merrill+ / $12000 Chase Sapphire Preferred / $12000 Chase British Airways / $7500 Barclays Arrival+ / $7500 FIA Amex / $7500 Paypal Extras MC / $7000 Chase Freedom / $3500 Discover It
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Re: Goal Cards

Barclaycard Rewards MC

Discover IT

Chase Freedom



Long way to go, but I hope to have the Barclaycard in 6 months or sooner



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