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Good experience with BOA (CLI)

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Good experience with BOA (CLI)

Hi All,


Well i have read several complaints about BoA, so i just wanted to post a good experience. I got a CLI on my Target card yesterday (200 to 1000), then just for the sake of checking it, i logged on to my capital one account and to my surprise my limit was raised from 750 to 1,750! I was very happy to see that and was like hmmmmm and logged into my SAMS club account and there it was too, 1000 to 1500.


With all these good surprises i was thinking that i graduated from secured BoA card to regular one in March 2009 and have been running between 2K-3K every month on that card and PIF, so was wondering if i ask for a CLI what they will say??? I went ahead logged into my account and request a CLI from 5500 to 7500 (i didn't want to over do it), the screen came back with a number to call to complete the request. I called that number and was directly connected to a credit analyst. He was very polite and friendly asked me couple of security questions, asked permission to do a soft pull and then a couple of questions about my employment and then said that he is approving the increase Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


So, pretty happy with my yesterday's increases, including two new cards to my collection, American Express Blue (2,500) and Discover (500 not sure why so low limit, but its okay) both approved on 29th Oct!


Thanks for reading,


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Re: Good experience with BOA (CLI)

Congrats!  Beautiful work!!
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