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Got Approved for Target Red Card

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Re: Got Approved for Target Red Card

Hi Joeyman -


Sounds like you had a score drop of 22 points when you obtained this card.


However, as hauling stated, there is no set point drop or gain for any particular card.  This is all dependent on the overall CR contents, age, history, etc.  Where one person drops 22 points, another may not drop at all, may gain 1 point or may lose more or less than 22 points.

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Re: Got Approved for Target Red Card

Let me reassure you. I said it can lower your credit score up to 22 points. And for the other guy, I have never applied for the REDcard and I do not plan on it. 


- Joe 

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Re: Got Approved for Target Red Card

i received this card a few months after my bankruptcy in 07. I was pre-approved in store without applying. So i applied and received a 200 limit. After about 3 months they automatically raised it to 500 limit. My scores at the time were around 540

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Re: Got Approved for Target Red Card

they dont let you apply online anymore. PoooSmiley Mad
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