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Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

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Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

Recently i applied for a capital one platinum credit car since i recieved a elegible aproved letter in the mail,i said to my self oh what the hell lets give it a go .with that in mind ive had checked my credit scores equifax experian and trans and they came out with i dont have much history just finished a car loan aprox 6-7months agoand have bills cell phone ect on my name .i havent got a credit card that is why i tought this car was going to be eassy to get .i called cap one and applied by phone .the guy told me i was going to get a response by mail within 10 days .or i can call a number to verify via phone within 4 days .so i called after a week and the atomated machine said they were still reviewing my application .so i tried agin today and the same thing happend untill i decided to talk to a rep and the rep told me they denied my app no reason given .now i know i dont have alot of history blah blah blah .but how can i get history if i get denied .and why the hell do they send me letters telling me i meet their criteria.i feel very frustrated angry .please some help advice .

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

I wouldn't really worry about why you got denied until you get your letter stating why. i don't think it was your credit history. i got my first ever credit card from capital one with no history.

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

It could be something incorrect on your credit report, like your address. I would wait and see what the reason is as it is probably easily correctable with your scores.
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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

It might be something simple like an address verification. Dont get too worked up until you get the letter and dont get maced by the mailman for lurking. You could always call and recon if you just cant wait.

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Because the chicks dig it when I throw down the card to the waiter comes in handy if I'm short on cash until payday and need a short spot. AMEX gets the booty, and that's important when you're a Pirate.

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

Yeah, I have a Cap One secured for $350.  Applied for the Cash Rewards and got approved for $500; should arrive today or early next week.  So, though I probably won't use it since I will be using the Cash Rewards, I went ahead and applied for the Cap One regular unsecured platinum and I was denied.  I wanted it as a back up general use emergency sock drawered card and so I can cancel the secured platinum.  I do have baddies and also applied for other accounts and approved with Walmart and Amazon and a Discover card from Continental.  I guess my recent inquiries may be the reason?  I guess it could have been worse if I applied for the unsecured platinum and got denied for the Cash Rewards.  It's a small $500 credit limit but I could probably still rack up $12,000 a year on it by putting all bills/expenses on it and paying weekly to keep the balance down to make sure available credit is there when recurring bills like iPhone, Charter internet, utilities, Geico, etc get billed on it.


Any chance if I call and recon the Platinum that they would do it?

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

thuglord618 wrote:

... .i havent got a credit card that is why i tought this car was going to be eassy to get ....

I think, not having any CC makes it harder.   Suggest you consider a secured card with Capital One, or someone else.   After some history on the first CC, it will be easier. 

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

Who financed your car loan?

If it's a major bank or credit union around you I would look at applying for a credit card with them!

and or I would hit up American Express Green Charge, Discover, and Citi Forward.


Additional options would be Macy's, Walmart, etc. in the GE line. (Macy's being part of Citi)

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

Valdo12,you were denied because you can only have 2 cards issued by capital one (not counting store cards)

OP wait for the letter, and meanwhile pull your free reports since you got denied and make sure there isnt anything incorrect on them.
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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

Creditaddict . dont think the car loan bank is big its called Challenge financial services here in san diego ca

and well i have always payd my payments on time never late and to the full.

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Re: Got denied!!!! Capital one plat

you guys might be right but then agin how can i make cap one reconsider if there's some type of error ? that is without them pulling my credit and hurting me Smiley Sad ?
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