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Got my Chase freedom today =(

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Re: Got my Chase freedom today =(

Radek7752 wrote:
That's unfortunate. I think the card looks really neat although the MC version looks a bit weird to me. Hopefully it eventually grows onto you!

Is it the MC logo? otherwise the card looks the same. 

The MC version feels a little less flimsey, but that because it has the MasterCard PayPass RFID chip in it maybe. 

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Re: Got my Chase freedom today =(

It's the Visa version 😁
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Re: Got my Chase freedom today =(

Yeah it's the MasterCard logo. The orange and red doesn't really fit with a glossy blue background. It would be a different story if they placed the silver logo on it as they do with the Sapphire MCs.
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Re: Got my Chase freedom today =(

^^Thats soo true just by looking at the picture with the MC logo is makes you think about it EITHER VISA OR MC. Maybe the VISA one is the attaractive one.

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Re: Got my Chase freedom today =(

I also think it is an ugly card that looks sub-prime.

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Re: Got my Chase freedom today =(

I ordered by secure message the pay pass version of the Freedom Visa. It looks the same, just a little more sturdy. It a winner for me.
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