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Got my US Bank Cash+ Card Today

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Got my US Bank Cash+ Card Today

I posted earlier that I called US Bank about PC'ing my Flexperks Select Visa to the Cash+ Sig Visa and they had no problem doing it. They told me my CL and interest rate would stay the same, and they were $7500 and 14.99%


Well I get my new card today and the CL went up to $9500 but the interest rate also went up to 17.99%. 


Its not a really big deal because I don't carry balances but it does annoy me a little bit. But the CLI was nice considering they usually HP for CLI's now and I haven't seen an HP pop up yet. *fingers crossed*

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Re: Got my US Bank Cash+ Card Today

Call them and tell them the rep said your rate would stay the same.  Give them hell about it.  They'll probably lower it.  If not, ask for the report they used to determine why you're suddenly a credit risk given the higher interest rate.

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