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HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

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Thanks first of all to these boards and all the members for educating others and sharing useful information.


So I emailed the CEO of cap one on thursday evening and got a call from a really nice lady on Friday afternoon.


I told her its been 2 years since I got this card and its been stuck at $750 and my credit profile is immaculate and I really want to keep this card because I want to use it when I travel and want to take advantage of the no foreign transaction fees as I travel a lot overseas.


Then she said she understands and will do whatever she can and pass my information to senior underwriters , takes down my employment, salary , and says it will be a soft pull.


Ask me what is the minimum I will take and the maximum , I said $5000 is min and max whatever they can offer me. she said she will put in 10,000 as the max.


She said she will follow up with me within a week, and to my suprise just got a call from her and she said your credit limit has been increased to $10000 IMMEDIATELY available. I was like thanks so much, It will be my primary card now .


So folks who really have a good credit profile and are eligible for increases get on the phone or email them (phone and email are widely available on this site and on google)





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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

Are we talking about CapOne?


Maybe there is really hope.



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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

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whats the rest of your reports look like? 

ive had my best buy decline me after 2 years of perfect service and history. 


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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN thats one FINE increase!!!


CONGRATS! :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

no go for me scores in 720's no baddies... w.eve's.b



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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

Having chest pains!!!  Wow!!!  Congrats!

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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

OK. I've awakened from my faining spell...


I just took my "Platinum" $750 card out and shot it in front of a Supervising CSR on 10/2 to ensure that my close action would hit the credit bureaus this month on 10/19.



Talk about giving up on an Ugly Duckling???????????


btw CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

WOW!  That's an unbelievable increase!  Especially for Capital 1.


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Re: HOLY MOLY Cap ONE EXECUTIVE office $750-$10000 CLI

No way!! I hate you!!! Just kidding :smileywink: Congrats, that is awesome!!

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