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HSBC Bank hold

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HSBC Bank hold

Does anyone have any advice on how to get HSBC to lift their bank hold? 


This has been on my account for a week now and the money has already cleared my checking account.


Does anyone know of a certain number or individual I can call to address this issue?  I've called the standard number and received the standard response of it will be resolved in 3-4 days.  Then after I sent an email to customer service I'm now being told it can take up to 14 day!  Unbelievable!





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Re: HSBC Bank hold

Is this a hold for a credit card payment?


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Re: HSBC Bank hold

Yes it is.  I see, I forgot to mention that, sorry for any confusion.
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Re: HSBC Bank hold

They did that to me on my first payment.


I called them the day they did it because i didn't know what it was..


they to told me to call 1 week later to resolve it. Payment posted fri 6/23 and i called and got it cleared fri 6/30


when i called, the CSR called my bank, and made me give them verification info, my mother's maiden name, last 4 of social so on and so on...


then she told him the funds cleared. and he said you are good to go Smiley Happy

so if it has been one week since the payment posted.. call them and tell them you had been previously told by a CSR to call back on this day to make your credit available..

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