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HSBC approves CLI

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HSBC approves CLI

Just wanted to chime in about HSBC. Even during the credit crunch we're in, some lenders still reward good customers. I have 2 cards with HSBC, one was obtained years ago when my FICO was not that great. The second one I got earlier this year. My first card gets auto CLI's every 6-9 months (the last one was in SEP08) - usually only $200 but no hard pull!


I did not receive any auto CLI's on the newer card so I decided to call today. They gave me a CLI of $250 immediately. Granted these are small CLI's, but HSBC is not famous for large increases. So now my total CL's for both cards is $4100. Not bad for HSBC.


I have since obtained tier 1 cards from BOA, Discover and Chase, but HSBC is my oldest card. It will be interesting to see if I get any CLD's now that the financial markets have crashed. So far, none to report. In fact, BOA just gave me a CLI of $2500 three weeks ago, shortly before the wild week on Wall Street. Maybe my timing was lucky - had I tried after the crash I may not have been as lucky!!

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Re: HSBC approves CLI

Good news for you! HSBC denied my request despite no baddies in years. Looks like it will truly be a sock drawer card now as soon as I PIF!
Can't even get a loaf of bread on credit...
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