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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

I would recommend (if not against posting regulations) a book "Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple tools for Financial Security" by Charles Farrell.  Book was so good, I purchased copies for other people to read.

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

wallyworld123 wrote:

The good news is that you recognized the problem and took care of the problem  Good for u LS.





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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.



Good thing you recognized the problem. I know where you're coming from. My CL increased by over 500% and it was very tempting to go crazy and I did a bit. But I have toned down a lot in the past months.


Keep your head up and I'm sure you will do the right thing. We have all been there :smileyhappy:

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

Maybe you should try a little Dave Ramsey total money make over 

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

Most of us here have been, are still, or will be in the same boat.  It's part of life.  I too am paying off my 5-figure CC debt, but I am making good progress.  Got my student loans paid off, car notes,  and two cards.  Gives me breathing room.  Finally got all my reports clean and I App'd for my first new card in a couple of years, mostly for the util. while I pay down my balances.  I use my debit card a lot, and I have to think twice when I pull out the cc.  Funny how hard times do that. Congrats on your new state of mind.:smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

It is a good thing you are coming to this realization now. You should be able to control your debt at this point. I wish I would have had an awaken much earlier on. I had over $50k in credit lines at one point with about $25k in balances. As a young twenty-something with little experience with credit, it went bad and fast. I spent way more than I was making and then bam serious health problems, job loss, and bankruptcy! I wish I actually used this forum way back when and saved myself before I lost my job and my credit. I wish you all the best of luck!! 

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

I tip my hat off to you. Not many have are humble enough to admit that their spending is too high and have the willpower to admit it and do something about it. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

LS2982 wrote:

I'm spending way too much money for what I bring in. I actually feel humbled. I remember some oddball poster saying negative things about me here and what was said was not far off from the truth.


I have to settle down and spend what I can afford. My CC debt got up to over 10k.


I have to thank my lucky stars for PSECU, they have never let me down. I was able to get a personal loan to clear half of my CC debt and thankfully the rest is on a 0% card I can make big payments on monthly.


I have this forum to thank, because I realized I grew my credit garden way too fast and got irresponsible with it. This is a lesson learned.


Thank you everyone! :smileyhappy:


(And yes, I had to take a HP on EX but this is something that had to happen to get things straight. My butt will be parked in the garden for 2 years, all of my credit aspirations have been reached and they need to age!)

Giving you big big hugs! It will all work out :smileywink:

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.

Good for you, can't fix the problem without admitting there is one. Good luck to you. 

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Re: Had to come to a realization tonight.


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