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Help with CareCredit

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Help with CareCredit

Looks like CareCredit has finally hit my dads EQ report via but its listed as an individual acct acct and not a joint acct unlike Living Spacs that is listed as a joint and is now reporting to my EQ report via Called CareCaredit and im on the acct as a secondary card holder and it is a joint so what is going on? Are we going to have to call the CBs?

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Re: Help with CareCredit

I have seen cases where it reports as indivdual to the primary applicant and as joint to the secondary, check your report and see how it appears. To get it corrected  if it doesnt do it right would have to contact a supervisor at GECRB to get it done.

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Re: Help with CareCredit

Whats strange is that it has hit my dads EQ report but not mine. Will it take a little longer for me?

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Re: Help with CareCredit

Why don't you just get a secured card from Capital One or BofA and spare yourself all this hassle?

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Re: Help with CareCredit

I was finally able to set an acct up with so Im going to cancel my acct tomorrow. And to the looks of it only Living Spaces (Joint Acct) is reporting and not CareCredit. I will have call GE tomorrow.  Cards arrived this Thursday as well.

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