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Hooters Mastercard Approved!

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Re: Hooters Mastercard Approved!

Man, I've been wanting a hooter's card since I've been on the forums this past Feb.  I'll have to wait for this dang mortgage to close 1st.


Congrats on the card and your path to great credit.

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Can't wait to see what my scores will be when all my accounts hit the 1 year mark!
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Re: Hooters Mastercard Approved!

From what I have read here. You better do it before your mortgage reports.


They are very skittish when it comes to "new" mortages (anything under 2 years old)

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Re: Hooters Mastercard Approved!

Also remember that Hooters (the card, anyway) isn't what it used to be.

When it first came out, they were accepting all sorts of scores and giving great CL's and CLI's. Once they had enough cardholders, I suppose, they started tightening up something fierce. And this was before the bank crashes.

I would think that if you qualify for a mortgage, you could do a lot better. A credit union card or Cap One, maybe.
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Re: Hooters Mastercard Approved!

I got my hooters card in 8/08, 1 year ago, with a $500 CL.  I logged on today to see a $200 CLI. Not much compared to what they used to give, but I'll certainly take it!
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