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Hooters Mastercard CLI

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Hooters Mastercard CLI

Dont know if this will help anyone, but I have had my hooters mastercard for over a year now. Ran up about 800 on 1K limit. Have been paying on it every month, never missing a payment. I used the autopay to make sure that none of my payments were ever late. If I had any extra, then I would make an additional payment that month.

My balance is currently 460, about half of what it was 6 months ago. I check my account today and they gave me a 200+ CLI. I know 200 is nothing compared to other cards but its nice to see when I didnt even ask for it. Plus, I havent used the card in over 8 months.

I guess they dont look at other cards you carry. Unlike Amex, they are only concerned with your history with them, since right now I am at 85% util on my revolving credit and show 2 unpaid mortages (one has been paid off but not reported as being paid off).

The Hooters mastercard is provided through Merrick Bank, which I have another card with them. They gave me a CLI on that card about 6 mos ago.

FICO equifax 638
FICO experian 609

as you can see my scores are nothing to get excited about.

I guess the point here is that if you consistently make on-time payments, then CLIs will happen.

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Re: Hooters Mastercard CLI

Others here have reported Merrick does a soft TU pull prior to cli.
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