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How Charge Cards vs Credit Cards Report

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Re: How Charge Cards vs Credit Cards Report

CS800 wrote:

Yikes on the TU98. If I charge $5000 on my charge card,and if my balance is factored in my utilization, then my util will be 160%. Smiley Sad


Am I right to assume this?

No, across all scoring methods the one thing you can count on is a cards limit is ITS' own limit. A NPSL is just that, flexible, the CRA's all know that, so if you charge 5000 on your charge card (the issuer approved it or it wouldn't be posting), that is the MINIMUM limit for that card at that point in time and does NOT  "spill over" onto your other limits. Now if the card is closed and you don't PIF right away, it WILL affect your score as it would be factored in as being the card is closed, and it has a zero limit at that point. The scoring models can not "use" the available credit on your other lines, but it will SCORE you as though you were at 160% util without stating it being phrased that way as well as factoring in a closed account with a zero limit being 5k over the credit line (at that point you can expect quick AA from your other creditors along with all your scores diving). Only the charge card itself would be considered "maxed out" at it's high limit while open and in good standing.


Hope that helps a bit with that concern.

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Re: How Charge Cards vs Credit Cards Report

If  the balance is due in full each month then it is not included in your FICO util.

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