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How Long Should I wait before I ask for a Credit Card Limit Increase?

"Capital One is a conservative lender and most credit limit increases are based on proactive reviews of accounts. By keeping all of your accounts in good standing, you will increase the likelihood of receiving an increase during a proactive review."

My question is regarding this "PROACTIVE" review. Is there a specific time line where the review is done. Also is there anything else I can do to help increase my credit limit of 750(lowest limit I have). I really enjoy using my Capital one card and always pay on time. The problem is my limit is so low that I am constantly worrying about going over or having a high balance. I have not made one late payment on any of my credit cards and sadly I have not been able to use my Capital one as much as possible due to the minimal limit set. I do not wish to run a credit limit inquiry (since I will most likely be denied), but would wish to know if I would have to wait another year or more before my "PROACTIVE" review decides to increase or not increase my limit. I understand that rules and limitations are set for customers like my self, but I just wanted to ask. Also if I do not qualify for and increase can I qualify for a lower APR or does that also need proactive review. How long should I wait before I call or should I just cancel my card? I appreciated your time and thank you for assistants.



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Re: How Long Should I wait before I ask for a Credit Card Limit Increase?

call the backdoor number listed in the thread above after at least 4 months of payments.
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Re: How Long Should I wait before I ask for a Credit Card Limit Increase?

Generally you should wait at least 3 months after your acount is open to ask for a CLI. (and later requests should be no more often then 3 months apart) How often they review your account likely depends on the account you have, if it's starter card it's probably only once a year. Go ahead and call a backdoor number and ask for a CLI. You won't lose anything, as long as you make it clear that you don't want a hard pull. Definitely ask for an APR reduction, whether you get the CLI or not. Auto APR reductions are very rare.
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