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How This Board Has Helped Me

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How This Board Has Helped Me



In the last 6 months I have taken the advice given on this board.  I started out with a score around 528 and now it's 647.  I had the following cards:


Capital One Mastercard ($1,200 limit)

Capital One Visa $1,200 limit)

Target ($200 limit)

Care Credit (1,000 limit)

Sam's Club (1,000 limit)


I've now been able to get an American Express with a $5,000 limit, an increase to $3,500 for Care Credit and Walmart $1,000.  I work for a law firm making around $70,000 and have a part-time job transcribing workers' comp tapes.  I was just diligent about paying everything off each pay period and now I owe nothing on any card but the American Express $400 which I will pay off next pay period.  I can't thank everyone on this board who has contributed so much to my knowledge on credit.  Yes, my credit has a ways to go to increase.  There are two delinquencies that were from years ago that I'm trying to work out a settlement on, but I am so pleased with the results of the last few months.



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Re: How This Board Has Helped Me

Awesome job! glad to hear these boards continue to contribute to peoples financial well being. CONGRATS on all of your hard work!

Starting Score: EQ 609, EX 633(Fako), TU 700
Current Score: EQ 699, EX 758, TU 733
Goal Score: 720 across the board
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Re: How This Board Has Helped Me


FICO (TU/EX/EQ): 773/766/778 - Total CL 255+K
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