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How are your Inquiries looking?

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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

EQ - 4 (only 1 in past 9 months)

EX - 4 (2 in past 9 months)

TU - 2 (1 in past 9 months)


I feel i have too many. Around january all my inq should fall off except 3 from my first app spree (Amex 2 n 1 hard pull, freedom, discover)

Current EQ:719 EX: 701 TU:713

Amex Zync/NPSL | Amex Green/NPSL | AMEX BCP/25k | Chase Freedom/2.2K | Discover IT/6.4K | Citi HHonors Reserve/3K | Chase Hyatt/5k | Sapphire Preffered/13K | Ink Business Preferred/13K
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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?


All from a short sale I'm buying... (under contract since March)
Cap1(sc) 550, Cap1 750, Walmart 750, Home Depot 3000, Amazon 700, US Bank 1500, Childrens Place 1100, JC Penney 700, Old Navy 700, PayPal 700, Torrid 700, Lane Bryant 150, Avenue 500, OSP 500, Amex Blue 2000, Disc it 1000, Walmart Disc 2200, Old Navy Visa 1700, Mortgage 09-2012, Car Loan 03-2013

Current Score: EQ 665 EX 687 TU 695

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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

I have 6 now. I think that's a lot, but I tend to think that all creditors eyes watch me for screw ups.

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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

EQ=2  EX=2  TU=1     All over 1 year old, and not counting against me now. Going on a mini spree soon though............

Current Score: EQ: 828, EX: 833, TU: 820 Citi TY Premier WEMC 46.5, (Since 1983)Discover 15.6k|BOA WMC 30.5k|Barclays Juniper Rewards 15k|Barclays Amex 20k| Cap One QS WMC 15K|Chase Freedom VS 19.3k|Citi Dividend WEMC 25k|FNBO 15.5k|CSP 22.1K|Chase Marriott 31.3k|Citi TYP 20K|Citi DP 16.5k|Macys 5k|Sams MasterCard 15k|Barclay Arrival Plus WEMC 18.7k|Chase IHG WMC 26k|Citi Double Cash 10k|Chase MileagePlus Explorer 14k|Amex Everyday 16.2|BBVA Amex 22.5k|Total Rewards VS 12.5k|SGV 10K|Venture 12k|BOA Virgin Atlantic WEMC 11.2K|MB Amex 9.5k
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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

Well okay, here's mine all from this year:



May = Credit One Bank 

June= Bank of America (Denied)

Sept=Elan CC from local CU (Got 7-10 day notice...probably denied)



Sept=DCU (2 HP's, one for membership and one for CC)








I think I may have over done it so I am gardening till at least May or June next year Smiley Embarassed

Major CC's - Barclay's ($5.5K) | Barclay's Sallie Mae MC ($5K) | DCU ($7.5K) | Discover IT ($1.4K) | Genisys Visa ($1.4K) | NFCU Visa ($22K) | Navcheck ($15K) | Chase Freedom ($5K) | SDFCU Visa ($8K) | Amex BCP ($9.5K) | Amex Delta ($10K) |Store CC's| -Amazon ($4K) | Catherines ($850) | JCP ($4K) | Macy's ($1.7K) | Avenue ($850) | Victoria's Secret ($1.4K) | Walmart ($4.1K) | Paypal SC ($1.3K) | HSN ($2.5) | Sears ($2.6K) | Sams Club ($4.1K) |Goal|: Age with grace to 750 across the board |Last app|: 3/3/2014
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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

I'm not sure why the OP elected to omit inquiries older than one year. Maybe he/she will share that reason. Even though it is popular belief that Inquiries have no bearing on your FICO score after a year, creditors can still see the inquiries and factor them into credit decisions. I think its smart to keep a handle on inquiries no matter how old they are.


On to the question..... Eq = 1, Ex = 0 Tu = 0   May burn another next summer on a BCE. Hopefully that will be an Ex pull.

Duncanrr wrote:

Curious how others inquiries are looking.  Here are mine (I'm not including any inquiry that is more than a year old):


4 - TU, 7 EQ and 4 EX (total 15 inquiries)


Come March 2013 I'll be 4 TU, 6 EQ and 3 EX

Come June 2013 I'll be 2 TU, 4 EQ and 2 EX. (Target for refi) (total 8 inquiries)


Edit: Oh and I hate the fact that 3/15 inquiries or 20% of my total are all due to me acquiring a Cap1 secured card.

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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

I only have 1 EX and 2 EQ that are over a year and they will be off reports by March. They main reason is that by March, my earliest refi date, they will be gone. Given the small number of they and the fact they no longer hurt my score, I decided to not list them. I have a full grasp of what is on my reports.

Starting Score: EQ 551 TU 548 CK 607on 6/8/12, EX 542(AMEX pull 3/4/12)
Current Score: EQ 710 TU 727 EX 704 CK 719(FAKO-EX 697, EQ 697, TU 697)
Goal Score: 750

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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

EX-4 but only 1 in the last 12 months 


EQ-0. None of the ccc's in my sig seem to like to pull eq up here in MA.

EQ 778 | TU 776
Barclay US Airways WMC 7.5k | BCE 5.8k | BofA Travel Rewards 9.1k | Chase Marriott Premier 13k | Citi TYP WMC 6.5k | Freedom Visa Sig 8k| Discover it 10k
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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

i like this thread... 

well id have to pull new reports since i know that amex hit all thre cra but guesttimating


ex-5 total 4 Under a year

tu-9- 5(went crazy with ge and bank stuff)

eq 4-4


to of the eqs are bank pulls for checking and od line. and a credit card. 

after feb 8th my most recent apps. 2 of my inq will completely fall off. and 

4 will be over a year. 


holy over 8 inquries this summer. im surprised im still in 700's. 

cant wait till 2014 when my reports are free of inquries. august 30th 2014, marking my calender. 



Current: Discover Fico 709 3/15 Walmart Fico 743 4/15

Inquiries (24 Months): EQ 6 TU 1 EX 6 | Most Recent: 4/09/2015
Over 12 Months:9

2015 Goals:
Lower Utility
Earn Cash Back

Amex Zync(Unicorn)
Chase Freedom$1500
Discover IT$7,400
Citi DC $10,000
Citizens Mastercard$7,000
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Re: How are your Inquiries looking?

EX = 0

EQ = 2 (Aug. 2011 and Feb 2012)

TU = 0


I might be taking one more next month, but I'm not 100% sure on that yet. More like 90% sure.

EX 798, EQ 789, TU 784
American Express Platinum (NPSL) || Bank of America Privileges with Travel Rewards Visa Signature - $23,200 CL
Barclays American Airlines Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard - $20,000 CL || Chase IHG Rewards World Mastercard - $25,000 CL
Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Signature - $12,700 CL || Chase United MileagePlus Club World Elite MasterCard - $26,500 CL
Citibank Hilton Reserve Visa Signature - $20,000 CL || J.P. Morgan Ritz Carlton Visa Signature - $23,500 CL
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