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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

SunriseEarth wrote:

MACFRME wrote:
2 Cap1 Quicksilvers - Keeping these for account age. High APRs and costly AFs.

If the Cap Ones are closed, they'll still continue to be on your CRs for 10 years.   Given the rest of your lineup, I highly doubt they're helping your UTIL much.  If the fees are an unnecessary expense, you should consider closing them.  

QuicksilverOne has an AF, Quicksilver does not. I'd try to PC to Quicksilver, or if it isn't a 'One' and somehow has an AF, get it removed.

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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

I currently manage 8 cards. When I pay my remaining balances down, I'll add the Chase Ink, bringing the total to 9 cards. I think that will be all haha.

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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

I have six and I PIF always, most of them even before the statement date. I currently owe about 140$ on my Freedom card and once I pay that off I'm good. I currently have plans to add the BCP or BCE and the SPG. Then I'm going to garden until I graduate. After I graduate and get a higher paying job, I'm going to app for the CSP and the Citi AA. I don't really need more cards but I might go for a Marriott Premier too sometime then. 

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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

My husband and I have 8 that we actively use
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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

I have 10 but currently use 4 regularly

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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

I only manage 2 at any given time.


The CSP is always one of them. The second is either the JPM Ritz (until the 10k annual spend threshold), and then the UA Club after that.


All 3 have the same due date, always paid manually. I've never used auto-pay.

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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

I manage all of my cards, even the ones that have a zero balance currently. They all are serving a purpose for me at this stage in my credit journey.



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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

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@cjc343 Unfortunately, I feel like I have to keep them right now. They are my oldest open cards. One was opened in June 2011 with HSBC, and the other was opened in March 2012 as a Cash Rewards card. They are both Quicksilver One now, but the EO waived the annual fee. The respective CLs are $500 and $1,000 (recent CLI via the luv button). I have way too many new accounts this year... It is a miracle I have the lineup I do.... I have opened a closed a fe accounts this year: Comenity Beall's - Opened in May $250 CL, wasn't really shopping there and did not want to spend time managing it. Comenity Express - Opened in May $250 CL, was using it, but the rewards on my other cards outweighed the in-store ones. Didn't want to manage it, because I would eventually be closing it. Wells Fargo secured - Opened in April during rebuilding/repair phase $400 CL, decided I wanted my money back since I had repaired most of my blemishes and would not really want the card after it (might have) unsecured anyway, since I was getting way better ones. US Bank - Opened in April during rebuilding with a $300 CL, hated their online banking. High APR, no rewards, and an AF. I just had too many cards to manage, and I wanted my deposit back, so I closed this one too. Old Navy - Totally unnecessary account... I was on a GE approval high and opened it and Gap at the same time (June). So I am totally and completely in the garden. I now have all of the cards I need/want and am going to calm it down before I face AA. I don't think I have yet because I keep optimal utilization, minimizing* excess inquiries, and utilize almost every card. I went fro somewhere in the low 500s to 779 on TU in six months, never thought that would happen..... Thus, so many new accounts.
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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

MoreRewards wrote:
I can manage 4-5 easy. I PIF on everyday stuff or larger planned purchases. Sometimes I carry a balance for large purchases too maybe 2 months, maybe 5 months it just depends.
I've only been carry balance on Cap 1 to get my CLI. Got 1 payment left. I don't really count it (even though it's an account I must pay) because it won't be a regular use card. Total SD.

Sallie Mae Gas & Groceries
Chase Freedom I've used a lot when they had 5% on gas & a couple times for UR mall. They have 1% for any other purchases.
Discover It is replacing my More for online shopping through Shop Discover. I don't use it every single month, hadn't used DS since Aug until last week. It depends on if there is something I want to purchase. It's also great for car rental I use Enterprise exclusively & they give 5% CB through Shop Discover & sometimes they have the 5% gas too (which is great Sallie is capped at $250 a month). I will be using it heavily for Xmas shopping.
My Amex gives 3% on groceries (Sallie Mae is capped $250) unfortunately I forgot to use last month om over a $100 of groceries! It gives 2% for gas. On those purchases I PIF but it's been carry a balance for a fewmonths & will ccontinue to do so until after my divorce.
I have a MC from my bank I'm carry a small balance (just reported) not really sure if I will make few small payments or what. I'd like to get a CLI the beginning of the year but I don't know how good they are about it. Only 1k CL. The rewards structure for online is comparable to Shop Discover but with 1k CL I won't be using it much. If I get an increase I've no problem using for next year holiday shopping.
Walmart card will be after SD after I make this $30 payment. I only got it for the TU score monitoring (and now Sallie Mae offers it go figure) & they had a promo spend $75 get $25 statement credit. I spent $80 it was a good deal.

good to know cause im gonna app for the salliemae next yr

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Re: How many Cards do/can you actively manage at any one time.

MACFRME wrote:
 I don't think I have yet because I keep optimal utilization, b* excess inquiries, and utilize almost every card

Oooh, a bad word for this forum!

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