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How many Credit Cards do you have?

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How many Credit Cards do you have?

I've just finally noticed that 6 credit cards is too much for me to handle.



I really hope that I'm not the only individual with this much credit cards...Smiley Indifferent


Just out of curiosity, how many credit cards do you have and what's your primary card?


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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

Too many, but I just can't stop apping! Smiley Surprised


11 to be exact. I don't have a "primary card". Chase, Discover, and BoA are SD'd. FNBO and Barclay both have large balances from recent large purchases and will be paid off within 3 months, so I'm not using those right now. 


I am still anxiously waiting for my US Bank card to arrive in the mail. Once I get that, US Bank, Citi, WF, Amex, FNBO, and Cap1 M/C will be the only ones I will carry, and all the rest will be SD'd for a while.

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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

24 or so, with a total combined credit limit of around $250k or so.

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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

I have 5 currently and I know that I could get by with 3 if I had to. 

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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

I have currently have 2:


BankAmericard Cash Rewards-$2,000 cl

Citi Dividend Platinum Select for College Students-$4,000 cl


I had others but closed them due to low credit limits or high interest rates. Probably stupid, but I've already done it. I'm now going to stop apping and garden as I have too many inq's on my reports. I really don't need any more credit for my income as a college student and I'm sure these two cards will grow with me.

Current Cards: Chase Sapphire-$5,000, Local Credit Union-$1,000
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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

I have twelve and I generally use Am Ex unless there is a special with some other card.

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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

9 total, and revolve 2 each month <3% util

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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?


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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

I have 4 now.  Just added Zync a month ago, and that's my primary.  Then have a Cap1 with a $2500 limit - it's my oldest card at 6.5 years, and no AF so I'll probably keep it forever.  Then Orchard ($500) and HSBC Best Buy MC ($400), both of which I will most certainly ditch when the time is right. 


4-5 cards is my goal, so I'm slowly switching out my sub-prime cards for better rewards and CLs.  Next app won't be till May or June...maybe Citi Forward?

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Re: How many Credit Cards do you have?

10, 3 of which are store cards.


I'm getting ready (have been for a year, lol) to combine the limits on my USAA cards and close the AmEx, and I'd be willing to close another, but so far they're all filling one niche or another in my budget, so there's no really obvious candidate. My plain-Jane AmEx Blue might get replaced by the Costco True Earnings in an attempt to get some real rewards.


I have each one earmarked for a separate purpose (gas, groceries, purchase protection on big-ticket items, etc.) so I only use maybe four during any given month, depending on who's doing which rewards now.


Since I balance my checkbook every morning, I also review the dates on each card at that time to see who needs to be paid. This works out well for me, but you definitely have to stay on top of things!

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