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How many??


Re: How many??

Got a question, how is most of everyone in here a NCFU member? Are you guys all Navy or family of Navy or can you pay dues like it was for USAA previously?
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Re: How many??

My father and grandfather were both retired military. DH is a veteran but does not qualify for NFCU.
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Re: How many??

Does having a sister that is no longer in the Navy make one eligible for NFCU?
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Re: How many??

BOA ate up my Banks in the 90's
First checking account i had used to be Summit Bank then it was Eaten up by FLeet which in turn got ate up by BoFa

Current score TU 708, EX 686 EQ 715
Status I.T.Garden Till 08/2014
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Re: How many??

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Re: How many??

shaun2009 wrote:
Well i was just sitting and thinking of my credit journey thus far and realized how it changed my banking relationships.. I once had Chase and only Chase... Then i opened a credit union account with Affinity Federal CU then later i closed Chase and opened a DCU was using Affinity and DCU a while now i have transitioned to Affinity and US Bank in which i think i like these two and will settle here as i have credit cards by them both DCU would not approve me for a CC ..... But overall whats your story....

I couldn't recall all of my banking relationships if you offered me $1M.  Anyone remember Irving Trust?  My banking is a bit of a revolving door.  I have tired (without success) to find a bank/CU that I can be loyal to and vice versa.  The search continues...

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Re: How many??

Hmm...guess I'll go through my banking/credit card history!


TD Bank (Savings) - Opened up a joint savings with my father as soon as I got my first job at 16. Had my paycheck DDed into the account, and with a low $250 monthly minimum to avoid fees, I've never had a problem.


TD Bank (Checking) - Opened it up as soon as I turned 18. Have paycheck to this day split between here and savings. Student account, so no minimum needed.


Orchard Bank/HSBC (Card and Savings), now Cap One (card only) - Secured card I signed up for as soon as I turned 18, but went through a whole rigmarole in getting it and didn't receive the card until June. Had a savings account backed to it that made a measley .5% interest (yes, I mean a .005 dividend...). Think I got a whole 50-odd cents once Cap One unsecured it!


JCP/GE - Former and current employer, and nice to have that GE history Smiley Wink


Greater Alliance Federal Credit Union (Savings) - Mom opened up a joint account for me when I went to college...however I guess her and the banker didn't realize that 18 year olds can't have a young saver joint savings, and after about 3 months they promptly removed her from the savings and changed it to a regular savings account in my name. The interest rate is nice, just not the most easily accessible of any of my accounts. Occasionally I move loan refund money into that account to keep it active, and use the account to pay my annual interest fees on my student loans.


TD Bank (CD) - When my grandmother passed away, she left a very small inheritance to her 3 grandchildren. My brother and I each opened up a 3-year CD at TD Bank, since in case we ever had to touch the money (they offer a step-rate, which 10 days from the anniversary date each year you can withdrawal money for no penalty fee), we knew it was there and easily accessible. So far I have never had a need to touch that money, and plan on moving the money when it matures next year to a higher rate CD.


Shell/Citibank - Card stinks, but at least I have some history with Citibank...right?!


Chase (Credit Card) - Freedom card, love the 5x


TD Bank (Credit Card) - Wanted a CC to further build the relationship. Offered $5k platinum (talk about a nail-biting experience...they don't give instant decisions, so you have to wait for the snail mail and hope the card comes in!) and recently received a Visa Sig upgrade.


Chase (Credit Card) - Sapphire, enjoy the 2x on dining since I do spend a good portion of my money at restaurants and fast food.


DCU (Checking/Savings) - Opened up the combo for the free FICO, and the history for potential auto and/or mortgage loans doesn't hurt either! Bare minimum in the accounts, but may make a minimal deposit at the year mark to avoid account closure. Since I am under 23, I don't need the DD or loan product to qualify for the free FICO, except for the electronic statements. May become my main checking in the next 2-3 years though, since TD and Chase will discontinue my student checking privileges on 3/2015 and my 24th birthday, respectively.


Chase (Checking) - Opened up a Chase checking to score the $200 sign up bonus and earn the 10% annual dividend on Freedom points. Stinks to have $1500 tied up in a checking account earning no interest, especially considering TD requires only a $250 minimum on a SAVINGS account. Banker recommended that I could "downgrade" to the college checking after 6 months of holding the account so that I don't lose my sign-up bonus, and I won't have a monthly minimum. Sounds good to me!


AMEX (Credit Card) - Opened this month, snagging a member-since date of 2013. Could look into their banking products if their APRs are favorable.


Phew! 7 credit cards, 3 checking accounts, 3 savings accounts, and a CD that I directly manage. There are other accounts my family takes care of that I barely see except when tax time comes around!

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