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How soon do you use your new cc?

When I get a new card in, I wait a few weeks before I use it so I don't look But today I just got in my freedom card and am going to use it asap to earn the 100.00 cash back.

I'm just wondering who else strategically plans when to use their card the first time :smileyhappy:
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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

It depends with me. Some get used asap and others within the first 30 days.

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

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Well, why wait? Banks give you cards for one purpose ... using them, so they can earn some money out of the usage.


I use mine right away. Nevertheless maxing them out in the first few days shouldn´t be the optimal usage of course :smileyvery-happy: May be take it easy until the first statement has cut and they have received the first payment from me.

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

Yesterday I applied for the Chase Disney visa, got approved, picked it up and used it for dinner! :smileyvery-happy:
But I usually use a new card within one week of activation for one or two transactions.

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

I use it within the first week... I used chase card before I got it in the mail.

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

before I can even peel the activation sticker off LOL

seriously sad thing is amex visa mastercard (haven't tried discover) but they all work before calling in to "activate" the card fun right? =)


i'm debating on never "activating" the next card I get so if I get behind on payments I can argue the card was never activated lol jk

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

I always use the card immediately.  I wait to apply, then I wait for it in the mail, so by the time it gets to me I can't wait any longer to get those rewards.

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

For me it really varies. In some cases I'll use it within 1-2 days of receiving it, and in other cases it'll be 2-3 months before I start using the card.

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

for me its usually sometime in the first week

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Re: How soon do you use your new cc?

I'd use it whenever I need to and not a moment sooner/later.  No planning or scheming with me.  CC are meant to be used (when needed).

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