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How to go about an app spree?

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Re: How to go about an app spree?

Rhaeny wrote:

loviedovie wrote:

Rhaeny wrote:

My strategy was to spread out my inquiries over all 3 CRA's.  So I looked up which reports the creditors that I wanted pulled.  I made my decision based on that.  This way I didn't have 15 apps on one report.  All credit I applied for was approved except one which was Amex.  So my app spree landed me with 6 HP's on two reports and 8 on the third one.  But it should be noted that some of those inquiries were from an auto loan.  I also opened up 3 or 4 cards using the shopping trick.  As I look back I wish I hadn't taken up on all of the shopping cart cards but whats done is done. 


Ooooh when you app for a card while you shop they don't do a hard pull?

No that's not correct.  When you're in the store it is definitely a hard pull.  The shopping cart trick is when you go to any of the sites the issue cards from Commenity (formerly WFFNB) and when you go to check out a pre-approved offer pops up.  In order for this to work you have to be opted in and your address on your credit report should be your current one.  You just put an item in your shopping cart and go to check out.  If there is a pre-approval waiting for you it will pop-up to tell you so.  You only enter the last 4 digits of your ss# and just a few other details (can't quite remember exactly what they were) and you've got your account.  This is all done with a soft pull.  


I've read that some people have tried it for months before they got it, but I got all of mine within a day or two of each other.  You can check your SP's to see who is checking your credit and that will tell you if you might have a pre-approval waiting for you.  If you have to put in your full ss# then that is a hard pull and not a pre-approva.  However the pre-approval clearly says "pre-approved" so its not hard to miss.  I got The Avenue, Victoria's Secret, Catherines & Woman Within with a total CL of $2K.  So these shopping cart accounts with SP's were in addition to the HP's for those inquiries.


Thanks for the tip- so this only works with store cards?

Also I just moved this week- do I get my address updated just by updating all of my accounts or do I have to notify the CRAs?


Thank you so much! I love learning!!

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Re: How to go about an app spree?

starry1 wrote:

Duncanrr wrote:

I wonder who you are talking about with this statement?  Since I got my two secured cards in June I'm on an 8 for 8 app spree success trade with only 1 recon. The simple matter is the only peoptilt hat have told me no during my entire rebuild, including GW, PFD, disputes l, etc, was Verizon. Credit card companies no longer tell me no!  And it's a great feeling. 

Are you apping right now?Smiley Tongue


Nope. Small iPhone, big thumbs and autocorrect makes for some messed up posts Smiley Wink. I did app earlier for Discover It and BCP. Got both.

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