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I love PenFed!!

My very first statement closed yesterday.  I used the card twice to fill up both of my vehicles.  Paid it in full about  a week later.  The 5% cash back is now on my account!!!  that is quick and painless!!!:womanvery-happy:

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Re: I love PenFed!!

LOL ... In that case, PenFed loves everyone with their cash back card!!!! :smileytongue:
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Re: I love PenFed!!

Oops! Misread your post as "PenFed loves me". LOL
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Re: I love PenFed!!

The cash back is painless! Really great how it keeps on coming and coming, and coming, the cash back that is!!! I truly enjoy it!.

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Re: I love PenFed!!

I love PenFed that finally I got my card! 

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Re: I love PenFed!!

Hopefully once November rolls around I'll be able to say the same thing.
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Re: I love PenFed!!

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Wow, I think this may be my second card. Seems the most useful. 


Is this for military/gov only?

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