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I <3 the Walmart Card!

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As if that hasn't been said here enough already!


I'm getting ready to apply for a mortgage.  As such, I'm trying to better my utilization.  Although I have no balance on any of my other cards, I'm currently close to 90% on my Walmart card.  I know, I know ... I need to pay this off and I have a plan to do so.  In the meantime though, I wanted to see if they'd give me a CLI (I was hoping they could double my current CL).  So I held my breath and called the backdoor number.  After verifying my identity and providing my income, he asked if I'd hold while he looked over my account.


I held my breath for at least 2 minutes of the worst elevator music ever.  When he came back, there was a pause and I was expecting him to offer an apology as to why they couldn't grant my CLI request.  BUT ... instead he offered his congratulations!  They doubled my limit!!!  Woo Hoo :-)



(*edited to fix a typo -- I was too excited while typing)

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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!


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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

Yay! Congrats!
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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

That's great, Congrats! I am close to requesting my first Walmart CLI within the next month.

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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

Good to know they do CLIs even while the card is maxed. I'll keep that in mind. When the CSR put you on hold, for what reason did he do so? Was the CLI a SP as well? And congratulations btw...:smileyhappy:

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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

I couldn't have done it without all of the advice from all of the fabulous fico folks that post on thest boards!


It was a soft pull (I asked).  He put me on hold while he reviewed my credit report.  Even though my Walmart card had a large balance, my 3 other cards did not.  There have been significant improvements to my credit since I got the card.  I got the card at the end of November, called that very day for a CLI (doubled from $300 to $600).  Then I called today for another CLI (doubled from $600 to $1200).  Each time I asked for a double CLI, they agreed.


It was only after reading the advice of others that I had the knowledge and the courage to get this card, access the TU Fico they offer, and make it work for me.  Thank you to everyone who's ever posted helpful advice about Walmart and other GE cards.

I used to post my scores here. However, I'm prone to motion sickness and the ups and downs were nauseating.
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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

GratZ, Good ole GE.

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Re: I <3 the Walmart Card!

Nicely done....Congratulations.....Next step is to bring down the Util :smileyhappy:

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