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I totally give up on Macy's

okay I applied back in Aug got denied for defaulting with their affilate company finally got the nerve to call the back door number. (I know should have done it sooner) and the rep totally blew me off and told me to go in the store and reapply when I asked if the app could be recon.  That was my second time applying no way Im gonna go to the store and get denied!! Oh well I totally give up on them I really shop their alot. ::smileysad:Still love their store.:smileyhappy:
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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

Really sorry that happened to ya VEE.


I might apply in December, I 'm hoping a Sears CO (citi) will drop off my TU report this month.  I could be wrong but I think Macy's is Citi-backed and I've never been approved for this card and I believe this is the reason...

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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

Hi, if  I was in your situation I would not give up so easily.  Was the rep you spoke with a supervisor, if not you never know you could have been speaking to someone who just starting working there prehaps and does not know too much,  too bad you could not plead your case to someone that at one point in your life you fell on hard times and you defaulted on another company, but you shop at Macy's frequently and would like to be part of their family if there anything that can be done.  I wish you the best of luck

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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

nah, don't give up, why let a handful of unhelpful cs encounters distract you from a worthy goal of macy's approval, especially since it is such a good match for you.  you're lucky you happen to shop a lot at the store that has one of the best store cards bar none and while you REALLY may have better luck in store at some point, if you can't bring yourself to do the in store app then re-app on line when you're ready in a few, if they won't recon. 


imo macy's is to store cards what pen fed platinum is to rewards cards, just in the sense that it is totally worth the process on your road to approval, even if there are hurdles along the way! and remember- you will ultimatley be approved if you keep trying and can continue to be patient :smileyhappy:  i hope you'll reconsider veevee!

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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

I would not give up, I would apply in store like they say, I have heard better responses from applying in store
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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

Dont give up!!  I applied online the other day for xmas shopping and was approved for $600.  I had to call in to verify a new address but other than that it was easy.  I was too afraid to apply in store in person!  LOL

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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

Thanxs you guys for the encouragement this forum totally rocks!!!       I'll  apply in person. I will give ya an update as soon as I do :smileyhappy:
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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

We're pulling for you VeeVee!
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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

Good luck!  Check your AAoA before adding more cards. 
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Re: I totally give up on Macy's

Thanks Jaysdad2k:smileyhappy:

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