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Impressed with Barclays

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Impressed with Barclays

over the weekend I went on an app spree and got approved for a Barclays MC through apple.

I then realized they had a 40,000 point promo for thier US Airways card for which I am a gold dividend miles flyer.


I called them up and they switched over the app and I am getting all the point benefits.


Simple as pie. Good deal

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Re: Impressed with Barclays

ok now I am even more impressed. You can set up your online account which I just did for my new USAirways card.


Well in doing so I noticed there was a tab for another card. I clicked on it and the Apple card is still active !!!!!!!!!!!

So they gave me two cards on one pull. The line on the second card is only $1000 but thats cool since I am

only using it for future gardening.


Wow now thats cool.

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Re: Impressed with Barclays

You might need to check TU 3 days later to make sure you got only 1 pull. It's common for TU to hide INQ for 1-2 days from application date.
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Re: Impressed with Barclays

Good idea but I did specifically ask him by doing this transfer if this would mean any more inq to my account and he assured me absolutely not. I was previously a AU on another USAirways MC account whic is what I think the reason they just did a transfer.

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