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Info on Target Store Card

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Re: Info on Target Store Card

Thanks for the info. If they actually implement a CLI process, I might finally apply for a Target credit card.

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Re: Info on Target Store Card

This is going to be a weird question about the Target Card in this thread.


My wife has apped twice in the last 7 months.


No inquires have showed up.  Is this normally the case with Target?  I just ran her annual credit report and it didn't show up on any of them.

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Re: Info on Target Store Card



i have the Target debit card and no you don't get free shipping with it so that sucks!! 

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Re: Info on Target Store Card

You didn't used to get the free shipping, but you do now. All of the perks are available to any RedCard holder.

Target Debit RedCard - Must be tied to a checking account, can only be used at Target, cash back permitted at POS like any debit card.
Target RedCard - Credit card with CL, can only be used at Target
Target Visa RedCard - Credit card with CL, can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, includes standard Visa perks

That's it. You get 5% discount on all purchases, free shipping on and an extra 30 days added to your eligible window for returns. Doesn't matter which version you have.

We just got our Target Debit RedCard last week. Like others, I didn't want to give Target my bank account info, so I set up a free online checking account (I did Cap1, but there are several options), put $300 in there, and used that account to set up the Target Debit. That way I'm shielded in terms of my primary banking accounts with USAA.

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Re: Info on Target Store Card

yes you get all the same perks w their debit card , i have had it for about a year .....much to my surprise i was approved for a target card for $300 !  Gonna try and control my itchy finger now and garden what i have .  

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Re: Info on Target Store Card

SunriseEarth wrote:

nursepower wrote:

I called today to threaten to cancel my card since I've had the same $500 limit since 2007. She said they are working on a program that will be rolled out in 2014 where people can request increases and the account will be sent for review. Just so people know "Apparently" CLI's are on the horizon. I kept it open and she was proud of herself but I wasn't really gonna close anyway as it's my oldest account. 

If you want a higher CL, the new approvals seem to be getting them.   People seem to have luck cancelling the old CC and getting a new one (the newer CCs started with TD Bank also seem more likely to get auto CLIs currently).  Of course, that shortens your AAoA, so it might be worth it to just wait for the CLI requests to be available. 


I was approved for $1000 this month.  I was ~689 on EQ at the time of approval. 

I hope they do start giving out CLI's. I don't think I will ever get one though, I was given $3 when I apped in May. So yes, new approved accounts seem to be getting decent limits.

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