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How long does it take for a credit card inquiry to show up? We are thinking of rearranging some stuff at our old credit union (possible credit pull on TU there), but would tonight's "adventures" show up already?


2 refinances at usaa, both approved. Unsure if they used same pull for both or two separate..pulled EQ.

Discover More, approved at $1,200. Unsure of bureau pulled.

Walmart, approved for $300. Husband approved for $800. Transunion.

USAA visa, approved for $1,000. Either EX or EQ.

Amazon visa, 4-5 day message. Couldnt tell ya why I apps for this.

Care credit, denied. Will recon in morning. Need dental work.

Husband has to verify some stuff for chase freedom.



Dreading all the fico alert emails to come, haha.

Starting Score: 492 02/12
Current Score: TU: 668 (FICO), EQ: 668 (FICO). EX: 651(lender pull 9/27/12)
Goal Score: 660

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Re: Inquiries

INQs show up almost instantly. No delay like utilization reporting.

Too many INQs & low AAoA so I'm off to tend the Garden.     Age:23    

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