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Instant Approval NFCU $10k!!!

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Instant Approval NFCU $10k!!!

wow...  Called NFCU.  was eligible thru my grandfather retired military WWII vet... 


just set up savings no checking.  (savings has a -$5 neg balance that I will have to mail in because there is no branch near me.)


Then applied while I was still on phone for cc.


Instant Approval $10,000!!!


WOW!  CSR even seemed suprised, he said "wow, I don't normally see many instant approvals especially on new member."


wasn't too long ago I couldn't even get a secured card!  Thanks MyFico!


My other highest limit is my cap1 at 3250 which is two cards credit stepped up then combined.  The NFCU card has a 13.9% APR for now, but thats fine with me.  Don't plan on keeping a balance on it.


They Pulled EQ.

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Re: Instant Approval NFCU $10k!!!

/pats myself on the back...  Yea me!


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11/30/2009 TU 676 EQ 665 EX 654 (CU pulled)
5/14/08 TU 660 EQ 676 EX 623
9/5/07 TU 579 EQ 612 EX 546
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Re: Instant Approval NFCU $10k!!!


Congrats!!   NFCU is the BEST!!!

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Re: Instant Approval NFCU $10k!!!



NFCU is by far my favorite "CREDIT" Union. 


My app wasn't instant approval, but all of my kids got instant approvals and my Mom did as well. 


I think that up to $10k instant is more likely.  Above $10k it seems they are more likely to request income verification....but if they request income verification this essentially means "you're approved once we make sure on income."



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