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Interest Rate Based on States?

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Interest Rate Based on States?

I don't usually pay much attention outside the one that is at the top of application that includes the rates related to me...

But just scrolling through looking for 0% terms I see the rates based on state and scroll down and "MOUTH DROP!" 5% for AR???

I think I need to go rent an apartment in AR!!


Does this apply for all cards or is this some sort of bonus because the founder of Kay lives in AR or something?  The Credit Card is underwritten by Kay Company itself.

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Re: Interest Rate Based on States?

A non-trivial amount of banking regulations is determined by state, especially usury laws which this may or may not have fallen into, or something similar.


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Re: Interest Rate Based on States?

I think it is just this one card, as I live in AR. None of the interest rates on my CC are anywhere near 5%.

Personally, you're not missing much by not living here. It's Arkansas, but that's just me.

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