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Intro Bonus rewards with new App


Re: Intro Bonus rewards with new App

alboto wrote:

I got my freedom for $500, spent 450 on the first weekend and PIF on monday, lol

got my freedom, spent 850 in first week, paid back 500 and will clear remaining before statement cut.

Walmart TU-724 on 12-2012
EX-707 on 08-2012
EQ-668on 08-2012
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Re: Intro Bonus rewards with new App

ryantanovan wrote:

When receiving a new card you apped with a special offer for points or rewards when spending x amount in first 3 months, how many of you take advantage of it? I recently apped and have a BCE and Citi Thank you, both wanting me to spend 1k to receive 100 back. As enticing as that sounds and i have no problem paying it back, how many of you have not taken advantage of these specials?

Another question is if you do not reap the rewards th first 3 months, do you think the CU looks at your account differently in the future for CLIs?

It's a great reason to sign up for multiple cards at once! Last month I took advantage of some of the offers available from Chase and AMEX and receieved 42K delta skymiles, 55K United Miles, and am about to wrap up the Chase Sapphire Preferred spend for 40K Ultimate Reward Points. So these offers are great; from all of this I will have a free roundtrip ticket to Hawaii, Thailand, and Iceland!! All cool places I want to see all for just paying my bills and taking advantage of these mega bonuses!!

EQ Fico: 716 (from myfico)
TU Fico: 719 (from Walmart)
EX Fico: 719 (from myfico)

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