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Is it possible to transfer Membership Rewards Express?

I've had an Amex Zync card for the last year and built up 20k points.  I was recently approved for an Amex Delta card and was wondering if there was any way to tranfer my AMEX MR Express points to Sky miles?



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Re: Is it possible to transfer Membership Rewards Express?

I think you can get other charge card and convert them by linking the other charge card to the zync. Once the zync pts are converted using other charge card then you can apply towards miles of your choosing.

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Re: Is it possible to transfer Membership Rewards Express?

Duncann is correct. The only way to convert MRE's to miles would be to apply for at least a Green charge. After activation (it took I think a couple of hours), all my MRE's were converted to MR's and I could apply them as miles to various airlines.

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Re: Is it possible to transfer Membership Rewards Express?

Pretty sure the answer to this is no, but you can confirm that quickly with a call to customer service.


If, however, you were to get another charge card, you could convert the MRE points to MR, and then the MR to Delta SkyMiles.


You might also be able to do this if you got the standard Blue card (not one of the Cash or Sky varieties, just the basic Blue with MR). I haven't heard of anyone linking that card to the Zync the way people do with the MR charge cards, but it seems like it would be reasonable to be able to do so.


Anyway, call customer service and tell them what you want to do. I'm sure they will help you figure out the best way to approach this.

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Re: Is it possible to transfer Membership Rewards Express?

Thanks for the info.  Will probably hold off on opening another card.

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