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Is this account helping or hurting?



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  Account Name GEMB/LOWES     Account # 79819234XXXX     Account Type Revolving Charge Account     Balance $686.00     Date Opened 6/1/2001    
                      Account Status Open         Mo. Payment $20.00       Close Account Details Past Due           Payment Status Current         High Balance $3,468.00         Limit $4,800.00         Terms Revolving         Comments
It's the only positive account on my fiances credit report, he's an authorized user. Should we keep him on there or take it off? The thing I'm concerned about is the util. I'm a newbie to this stuff tho, so I really can't tell what it is.. any advise?
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Re: Is this account helping or hurting?

While the util is a tad high (14%), removing the acct would only hurt his score. If this is his only positive account, then likely he has no other open CCs. Removing it would kill his mix of credit and would see a significant score loss. Also, removing it could drop the AAoA. This acct is almost 8 yrs old. If his AAoA is younger than 8 yrs, he's see a large drop due to that too.

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