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Jc penny credit card

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Re: Jc penny credit card

Jimmy9224 wrote:


GE is very good to people that use and pay in a timely matter, what card isn't? except cap one haha they'll keep you at a limit for years and years!

Good luckto your friend! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Jc penny credit card

I just recently applied for a JCP.  I hope they decide to give a card.  My scores are low but I do have a Capital One card, but its not reporting yet.  Their website said they would let me know in 7 - 10 days.

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07/25/2014: - Transunion:516 / Equifax:541 ,/ Experian: 574
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Re: Jc penny credit card

JCP was my first store card.  approved with $500 limit, after 4 months cli to $800.  Got another GE card with higher limit, they have been good to me.  I agree they are not hard to get, GL.


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Re: Jc penny credit card

I got the 7-10 day letter thing too, they sent a letter asking me to call to verify my info- they did the security questions and I got approved for $100 LIMIT LMAO...funny, but at the same time, i had an OLD charge off from JCP about 10 yrs ago so I'll take what I can get! =)

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