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Just for Fun - The Bling Factor !!!

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Re: Just for Fun - The Bling Factor !!!

The OP is taking his thread a little too serious. It is a forum thread on the internet. It's not like you're trying to sell a car or something where the first page has to go according to your plan.


But anyways, the AMEX you posted looks freaking awesome.


I think the SPG & Merrill + look awesome.

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Re: Just for Fun - The Bling Factor !!!

Okay well I havent seen much but SO FAR I must give it to the Macy's ELITE CARD its very eye catching and has a very nice look to it doesnt have a tacky look like the nordstrom card. NOW with the AMEX logo on it 'SHUT THE FRONT DOOR" wouldnt mind using it eevryhwere I go. BTW my mom has the Macys ELITE store card thats why I know how awesome it looks. Hopefully I see more spectacular cards during my lifetime.

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Re: Just for Fun - The Bling Factor !!!

popcorn dog.jpg

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Re: Just for Fun - The Bling Factor !!!

The Amex Zync-Unicorn. It's shiny white, and very few in the world are aware of it. 


I kiss my Zync every morning, and clean it every night.


I know...I have problems...:/

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