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KAY CLI.. ouch!

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KAY CLI.. ouch!

partner called into customer service because account was recently paid off. They said your account is eligible, just go into store and they will increase it.... went into store and they did increase it... $180!!!

Next day got the alert... HARD PULL!

Never would have done it if new it was hard pull. I think it should be law that banks ASK you, "this is going to be a hard pull, do you wish to continue" 

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Re: KAY CLI.. ouch!



The bad thing that I have experienced is that CSR's have no idea what a hard pull and a soft pull is.  I work for a bank and some of the managers don't even know.  I think these people need to spend a few days reading the MyFico message boards.

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Re: KAY CLI.. ouch!

I just received a credit line increase from Kay's.  They did it, however, I did not ask for it.  800 increase to 2400 now.  no hard pull
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