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This was my first cc app in almost 2 1/2 years.  I was TERRIFIED.  It was at the store and a ton of folks behind me.


APPROVED.  $800 cl.



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Re: Kohl's

Woo-hoo! Congratulations! If you shop there a lot, you can get some great deals on early-bird sales, etc.


I made a highly-inadvised app at the Kohl's check-out register a number of years ago and was shot down in flames in front of many, many onlookers. :smileyvery-happy: No wonder I'm a chicken when it comes to apping!

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Re: Kohl's

Congratulations, and welcome to the boards! :smileyhappy:


Yes, it can be nerve wracking when waiting on an approval in front of a bunch of people. I'm happy that it worked out for you. Good luck with the new CC!

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Re: Kohl's

The peel off cupons every month are the bomb --- i got 3 boxes of Keurig coffee's the other day for just a little over 4 bucks  :smileywink:

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Re: Kohl's

Nice! Congratulations!
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Re: Kohl's

Congrats!!!  I love that store.


No in-store Kohl's apping for me for another 15 months.

Then, I'm so going in for that card!


And don't forget to treat yourself for all the courage it take to do an in-store app! 



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Re: Kohl's

Congrats! I also like Kohl's, just purchased some things the other day from there! Having that card will save you loads of cash!

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Re: Kohl's

AFAIK kohl's is backed by cap1, so 800 is a pretty good CL.

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Re: Kohl's

vish1 wrote:

AFAIK kohl's is backed by cap1, so 800 is a pretty good CL.

Oh, did this recently change?  I thought Kohls was backed by Chase.

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Re: Kohl's

I'm pretty sure it's still Chase. It was when I had the card. Congrats on the approval, it's a good card to have. I just didn't shop there enough, especially after I stopped working there. :smileyvery-happy:

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