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Kohls Charge

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Kohls Charge

I applied for a Kohls charge and it says they pulled experian with a score of 654. Is this a faco score or my actual score with experian? ( recived a letter in the mail from kohls stating why i was declined and it says who pulled the report and included my score)


Thanks for the help Smiley Happy

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Re: Kohls Charge

I believe this is a FICO score from the lender. It will say what the scoring model they used. If it is out of 850 (highest) then its FICO.

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Re: Kohls Charge

i dont remember what it was becuase it was over a year ago. but trust me unless you shop there ALL the time you saved yourslef a headache.

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Re: Kohls Charge

Yeah if you shop there alot their rewards or benefits are pretty good. My mom was approved back in November 2009 with a $800 CL and has been stuck with that CL since. Oh well, you can get other better store cards with that score, and im not sure if its a FICO or FAKO. 

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Re: Kohls Charge

I agree with getting better store cards you should give GE a shot they very good with credit increases they are also SP's.

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Re: Kohls Charge

I was approved for one back in April of 2012 with a 300 limit. It was foolish to me apply for the card when i knew i didnt shop there much (just wanted to take advantage of the 15 or 20% off the purchase).  And till this date that is the only time i have been to Kohls.

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